Do you ship internationally? 

We do ship internationally, provided of course that you pay the additional shipping charges as well as added insurance coverage. 

Import taxes on international orders?

Depending on the country where you reside, you may or may not be required to pay import taxes on your order placed on our website. These fees will be your responsibility to pay and are in no way shape or form included with your paid shipping. Please be aware of all international taxes prior to purchasing. 

Failure to claim international order?

If you fail to pay the import taxes on your package you ordered from our site your order may be sent back to us. Failure to pay import taxes falls on the purchaser. If a package is returned for failure to pay import taxes, the purchaser has up to 30 days to contact us and repay the initial shipping fee. Failure to pay import fees, recontact us within the 30 day grace period or repay shipping fees will result in a total loss for the purchaser, due to the fact that these items are custom made and made to order.  

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

We currently do not offer any returns or exchanges on our products. Each item we sell is hand crafted and unique / or vintage and in vintage condition. Every item is custom made and due to its age will have its own unique characteristics. We attempt to describe and photograph each item in its true condition, thus, we do not offer refunds of exchanges at this time. 

Do the cameras come with a guarantee?

Each camera is field tested with film before shipment. They are guaranteed to work upon arrival. The purchaser has up to 7 days to test the camera for them selves. If found to not be working a postal insurance claim will need to be filled out. All cameras are as described and some lack working light meters. You can however, use a hand held light meter just fine. Further questions can be directed to our email on the contact page. 

How long will my camera take to ship?

Cameras take up to three and a half weeks to ship depending. Unless stated they are customized and made to oder. We always strive to get them out as quick as possible. 

How long will my camera strap take to ship?

Your camera strap will take no more then one week to be custom made for you and shipped.

Can I place a custom Order?

You can indeed place a custom order. We can find any camera you desire and recover it in nearly any wood you desire. 

My camera does not work?

These cameras are vintage film cameras which means most lack automatic exposure modes. This means that you will need to purchase a hand held light meter and understand basic camera settings. We unfortunately can not offer you a return due to a lack of knowledge regarding the types of items we sell. 

Will my camera strap look like the ones pictured?

Each camera strap is hand made out of a unique hide so each strap will have its own character and imperfections, meaning that yours will be completely unique and one of a kind. It will however look incredibly similar to the ones featured on our site. 

Disclaimer: Does every cameras light meter work?

These vintage cameras originally used mercury cell batteries which are no longer available.This means that with modern batteries their exposures can sometimes be off by several stops. These mercury batteries also were known to erode wires buried deep within the cameras which make for a timely repair. To combat this common issue with vintage 35mm cameras we personally always use hand held light meters to ensure that our exposures are accurate every time. At our cameras price point it would simply not be cost effective to spend days tearing each camera apart to find the light meter culprit. Therefore we recommend purchasing a hand held light meter.
Our cameras are cleaned cosmetically and internally but light meter issues do not constitute a broken camera as they still function appropriately with use of a handheld light meter.